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“Great things never come from comfort zones.”

Why’s it so much easier to disrobe for sex but the sheer idea of standing nude before another human being feels more naked?

As I continue to explore my own fears and learn to walk along side or overcome them I’ve become fascinated by the feelings that are brought in others when we talk about body acceptance and being naked.

For some the idea of being naked in public or in a photo seems ludicrous, others it’s the most truthful expression of who they truly are. It doesn’t really matter where you stand on the spectrum at the end of the day I think it’s important for each of us to find acceptance with whom we are inside and out.

That includes having the ability to stand naked even if it’s merely alone and be okay with what we see.

I’m so grateful for the brave and beautiful souls who decided to step into this experience ONE CLICK | NAKED TRUTH, standing before my camera exposed, showing their most vulnerable and in fact powerful side. Without clothes to hide behind, these folks had to shine from the inside.

This way of being reminds me of high school, think of how each of us judged others mostly by the clothes we wore. Imagine if high school started in the gymnasium with everyone standing naked. How would you chose your friends? What tools would you have to hone? Think about the connections you could make when the material world wasn’t in the way?

I know getting naked in public or in front of a camera isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. I just want you to think about what power you’d gain if you didn’t fear your body’s image? If you could see that you are perfect, whole and complete just as you are, how powerful would that be?

Thanks to all the beautiful participants of the ONE CLICK | NAKED TRUTH project who smashed some limiting beliefs, faced some fears and gave back to the community with donations of food. #win-win

Want to get Naked? Let’s talk.. here’s a link to more posts showing how nudity is really just art!


“Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.” – Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City)

The Sun twinkled incandescently bouncing from bumper to bumper as she trudged over oil-laced gravel. It wasn’t her first time visiting this magical wasteland of metal, chrome and glass. On previous occasions donning protective bunker gear, helmet and gloves this beauty tested her skills and efficiency at stabilizing and dismantling a car with powerful hydraulic tools.

The mission this time was not about breaking glass, spreading doors and removing roofs. It was to simply play, explore and trash the dress this newly married woman wore to her reception.

Life’s to short and often times to serious not to have fun at every junction. It’s up to us to celebrate the big things just as much as the small.

A special thanks to my co-worker, fellow firefighter and friend for trusting me on this kick ass location!

Do you have a unique location that you’ve dreamed would be the perfect spot to play around? I would love to hear more about it email to make your dream come true!


“One day she finally grasped that unexpected things were going to happen in life. And with that she realized the only control was how she chose to handle them. So, she made the decision to survive using courage, humour and grace. She was the Queen of her own life and the choice was hers.” – Unknown

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you’d do almost anything to make it happen?

In short that’s what this fiery woman did, she made a decision, put 100% of her energy into making it happen and guess what she got exactly what she asked for!

The universe is pretty damn awesome that way. When we set our intentions, direct our energy and think only positive thoughts we can actually make magic happen.

Okay so now you think I’m a little crazy.. This way of thinking/being has been around for centuries and certainly isn’t something that I discovered personally, but have explored deeply.

Backtrack to July when the lucky recipients of my monthly newsletter had the opportunity to win a FREE photo session with me. (Yes if you sign-up you may learn about the next opportunity to receive a special gift from me too, link here.)

The first and only entry that came in was from this beautiful woman Michele seen in the images below. At first I was dismayed that no one else entered to receive this awesome gift until I met Michele.

Then I got it! Got it like a Mack truck hitting me.

She wanted this so bad that she literally put all her positive energy in to making it happen. In other words the universe made sure that she was the only entry.

Her entry to me was a heartfelt compilation and certainly showed the depth of her character. I’m pretty sure she would have won either way.

What an incredible experience I had exploring, photographing and playing around with Michele. Her willingness to open to the process fully and completely only enhanced this journey.

What is it you crave? That you can use the power of positive thinking to make it happen? Imagine this concept is limitless and knows no boundaries.. Want to learn more? Then you might consider booking a DISCOVER session yourself. Email or explore the website here.


“Beauty begins the moment you decide be yourself.” – Coco Chanel


These fabulous words have likened to many four-letter words in women’s minds.
Imagine taking a poll of the women in your circle, how many would use these positive words to describe themselves. Would you?

Why don’t we?

Damn, I want to be sexy, glamorous and a thing of pure beauty. Sounds awesome to me!

When we take away the story we’re feed by the media and get back to the root who wouldn’t want to be described by these juicy words.


a. Sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality:.
b. Excitingly appealing; glamorous:

It doesn’t sound or mean:
I don’t look as good as her, I’m not beautiful, I’m not comfortable in my own body, I’m not confident expressing myself.

Boudoir photos have nothing to do with being sexually explicit, an object of sex.

These photos can act as a wonderful gift for a partner but at the end of the day YOU are the one who has to own it. Bring forth your love for yourself in the biggest and brightest way. To find peace within your body and understand its pure beauty at every stage. Boudoir photos give you an opportunity to see yourself in a sexy, glamorous and beautiful way.

When I photograph a “boudoir session” it is no different then any other session. It’s my mission to show you the amazing qualities you have right under your nose. I liken the process to a flower coming into full bloom.

Everyone who arrives for a session starts off like a closed bud. Carrying all these concerns about their supposed flaws, wavering confidence, not sure how the photos will turn out. The list goes on. Every size, shape and age are nervous.. They suspect they are the first to feel that way.

Well let me tell you.. That is the perfect place to be! Ready.. Willing to spread your wings and take a leap of faith. By the time the session is over I see these beautiful blossomed flowers flitting about the studio. These lovely ladies ooze confidence and are forever changed after this enlightening experience. They have now seen themselves in a way that helps them see their sexy, glamorous self.

I think every woman should explore till they can see themselves as a creature of pure beauty. The power, confidence and joy that are brought when we love ourselves inside and out makes us fearless and limitless.

Are you ready to transform yourself into a beautiful creature? To take a leap of faith and trust in this incredible experience and all it has to offer? Then lets talk, email


“You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.” – Unknown.

Warm golden light begins crawling across the covers as the sunrises, your body begins tingling into wakefulness. Even though morning is here whether you want it to be or not, you have two choices. You can seize the day and everything it has to offer of you can scurry back into the warmth of your blankets, burrowing your head till the sun don’t shine. Many of us have experienced these moments when it seems almost impossible to face the day.

Whatever our reason, grief, pain, fear, we all have the choose. Either wake with a mindfulness that we will do the best we can under our current circumstances or simply hide and feel even more overwhelmed, scared and ashamed.

We’ve created daily routines for a reason.. The simple act of getting up and making our bed is enough to make us feel more “normal”. To ground us. Remind us that this is only a temporary status.

There is some irony to the timing of this post, I can only imagine what’s running through this beautiful woman’s mind, the fact she’s getting up each day and making her bed and opening her store is well an accomplishment in itself. But even tougher is the date, the eve of dreaded #2 chemo session that will cause these beautiful luscious locks to fall so gracefully at each turn, twist and touch. They have been growing for just over 6 years and in a matter of a day they will be no longer the same. Each person has a different experience when there body is pumped with the chemicals designed to kill the cancer cells, but more often than not hair loss is pretty much guaranteed. Some of the other side effects can be: sore mouth, diarrhea, constipation, pain, fluid retention, fatigue, bed wetting, nauseous, vomiting and the list goes on..I am sure most of us can’t even imagine what this would be like.

What I’ve learned personally and through many of my clients stories is when we are facing some of the biggest challenges in our lives the most incredible things can happen if we are paying attention. Its usually at the moment when you feel like your physical and emotional body can’t take more and BAM, you receive a gift of relief, good news or someone special that steps into your life in a way you couldn’t have described before entering this journey through hell.

I mean who wants to ask for HELP? Who wants to seem like they need help? How many of us hide, pretend we are okay when really what we crave is just someone else to take over even for a moment. To lessen the burden that seems unsurmountable. How many of us would jump at the opportunity to help another person? We probably wouldn’t even think twice..

So this post is dedicated to ALL the beautiful people who’ve stepped up to the plate even when they were told “no thanks”, I’m okay, I got it, that stood by, waited, leaned in and were the rock you couldn’t even have imagined ever needing but at the end of the day couldn’t imagine getting through without. Here’s to you, thank you!

Lets send Cathy some big love today and support her through this next step.

  • Lynne - Your a beautiful girl inside and out!! Thinking of you through this journey!! Would love to see you!! LynneReplyCancel

  • Sonia - Thoughts and prayers as you continue on this journey!ReplyCancel

  • Bonnie - Wishing you sunshine and positivity thru this difficult time. BonnieReplyCancel

  • Suzanne Bertolas - I am very humbled and honored to walk only a little bit of Cathy’s journey with her. I never knew who Cathy was until I received a heartfelt phone call from her asking questions about hair loss and wigs…She was going to be doing her chemo soon and there was a lot of uncertainty about wigs and how she would tackle the situation she would soon find herself in.

    Like the many clients before Cathy, I reassured her that she would be fine, we would find a beautiful wig just for her, so she would feel good about her situation and it would help with her healing.

    When I met Cathy in person, although I could see that she was scared and concerned, she put on a strong front…she is a tower of strength, and I knew instantly she would be able to handle what was going to be taking up every second of the next few months for her.

    Yesterday I reminded her that God only gives us what we can handle…and she was dealing with all this now so she could be a strong example for other women who would be faced with the same issue…

    I am grateful to have met such a wonderful caring woman, and that she had enough faith to put her delicate self into my hands when it came to the concerns with her hair.

    Suzanne BertolasReplyCancel

  • audrey macleod - True beauty is truth, integrity, strength, compassion, unconditional love, faith, hope, determination are just a few. They originate “within”, then radiate outward for all to enjoy. You are an awesome example!!! Shine, my beautiful sister/friend…..shine even brighter, than you have before!!!!! Love you :*ReplyCancel

  • Tina Miller - I am fortunate to know Cathy personally and see firsthand her positive attitude and strength. It’s amazing to see her big smile while going thru one of the worst experiences anyone could go thru. Thinking of you often….LIVE LOVE LAUGH XOXO


  • Pauline - I was very happy to see you today. You have always taken the extra time to answer questions and have a chat. Thank you for being you. take careReplyCancel

  • Jen Weiss - Cathy you are so beautiful, inside and out, what great pictures! You have been so strong through all of this, it’s inspiring. We’re all so lucky to have you in our lives <3

    Shannon, I just wanted to say that Cathy called me after this shoot and told me about how great it was. It was life-changing for her! You gave her more strength, confidence and a new perspective on this situation. She was truly enlightened and after talking to her about it so was I. I don't know if you realize the impact you had, so I wanted to say thank you.