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You Bravely: empowering and healing portraiture
Right now, write down 3 things you love about yourself.
Now write down 3 traits you dislike about yourself.
Tell me which was easier? Be honest.
Most people can easily rhyme off 3 traits they’re not keen on, but struggle to find 3 things they love. Yet they wonder why they are struggling in their life, relationships, career, or health.
Why is that?
Where did we get this ridiculous perspective that says we aren’t good enough just the way we are?
I am guilty of falling into this limiting belief. It’s so much easier to shine a bright light on someone else to lift their spirit, to remind them of their best traits than to do it for myself. Some days it feels impossible. I am, however, committed to breaking this once and for all!
I’m going to change that shameful and guilt laced way of thinking in myself and for anyone else who feels there ready to LOVE bigger and better!
Introducing YOU BRAVELY.

You Bravely is a powerful experience that focuses on establishing acceptance. This photographic session is for women who would love to bolster their confidence, and triumph over the belief they aren’t good enough. By truly seeing yourself, an amazing shift occurs within ones self.

Imagine discovering a way to love every morsel of your being. The images captured in the photos will be a lasting reminder of your ability to be brave and stand for you.


It begins right out of bed, au natural. Yes, imagine finding away to enjoy seeing yourself first thing before the day takes you away and your mind into space that isn’t always uplifting.

What dreams, activities or goals have you been held back from because of your misguided beliefs about yourself? Maybe its as simple as feeling more connected? What are you protecting yourself against? What blocks are in your way from being the best you can be?

Imagine having the ability to begin washing away those fears, finding peace within yourself so you can live your good life.

I invite you to be truly seen, be YOU BRAVELY, experience a shift in your thinking and walk away with a new found confidence.

Are you willing to invest in yourself and your future?
Email today to start the conversation and plan all the juicy details.

I can’t wait to see YOU BRAVELY!





Three deep breaths later she’s screaming, the sound’s almost foreign as she releases the tension, anxiety, anger, and nerves built up around her. As she continues breathing deeply her body relaxes in to this peaceful, grounded and open state. The music shifts and she’s asked to dance like nobody’s watching. She bristles at the thought, her mind holding her back for a mere second before the rhythm takes over and she begins swaying. It feels good as she moves and reclaims her body. It’s a thing of pure beauty to watch her let go, fully and completely.

These lovely ladies where brave to step forward for the 1 Day | 1 Click | 1 Can of food project! This was purely about honing my skills in connection and calculating the perfect moment to click and capture a truly authentic and amazingly truthful photo.

A mere photo was taken of each woman. What a powerful experience getting present with these beautiful women and watching them transform before my eyes in under 10 minutes!

After the experience each participant was asked 3 questions to offer feedback on the emotion around the experience. Can I just say they all blew me away! Wow. What a wonderful feeling knowing that it doesn’t have to take hours to make a real connection with another human being and in fact everyone is photogenic, it’s not merely about your bone structure, facial features but what you bring to the photo in spirit and charisma.

So big thank you to the incredible women who participated in the first 1 Click project! You ladies rocked your shots I am over the moon!

cambridge headshots

What a liberating experience! I arrived this morning fearful of “revealing” myself, and feeling (as usual) terribly non-photogenic. I pretty much despise most photos of myself. The experience of chatting with you, the process of “loosening up” before the shoot… It was all pretty fantastic. Most energizing Sunday morning I’ve had in ages!

While I still feel a little shy about the results, it was pretty incredible to see what you could do in just one crisp, well-timed click.

Shannon is great at reading people. She could totally tell I was holding back. Maybe it was the awkwardness of having the next appointment waiting in the room or just the control freak in me not being willing to give it up. Shannon did her best to bring me out of my head, and seemed very genuine and sincere during the shoot. She wanted me to succeed. Anyone can take a picture, but it takes skill to create art and see someone’s essence. The whole experience taught me a lot about myself as well..

Had a great time yesterday. Biggest fear was you not being able to get a great pic of me. You did and in just one snap. It looked amazing and made me feel grand.
My favourite part was just you talking the whole thing up. Great to see someone so passionate about their art!

Shannon is well experienced and can get you out of your shell and into a place you can shine!

My favorite part was letting go and being true to myself. I don’t do that often enough. Who doesn’t like to scream and dance like no ones watching. This was also the most terrifying part. I hadn’t had my picture taken with Shannon before – but after today I would say to my friends – this photographer takes a picture of who you are not what you look like and that is a gift! I’d say – you’ve got to try it out!!!

My favorite part was when you told me what this picture was going to represent and it really helped relax me and give me confidence to have a great shot. Nobody can take a soul photo like Shannon. She can dig deep and empower you to feel strong and confident and to put down your walls just enough for her to take an awesome shot of you in that moment.

I was just nervous – plain ol nervous – great at taking pictures – not great at pictures being taken of me … didn’t know what to expect and so it was a tad bit nerve wracking! My favourite part was screaming out loud – I don’t do that nearly enough – should do it more!
Shannon is down to earth and real… she really gets people. She is like your best buddy who knows how to make you relax and smile. She’s like a sister, friend, psychiatrist, cheerleader and photographer rolled into one fantastic person. I don’t know anyone in my world who loves pictures taken of them … but if you’re going to do it – hire Shannon!

I think if I were to recommend you to my best friend, I would have to say that you capture the true beauty that we all have. You capture the shine and sparkle in people’s eyes. That speaks of their hopes, accomplishments, strength and pride.
Thank you, again, for showing me to stand my full height and be proud of myself. I truly enjoyed myself.

At first my biggest fear was unknowing what to expect. I’ve never done anything like this before. My favourite part was the actual photo shot. You made me feel comfortable and a lot more confident then when I first arrived. I actually felt good about myself. I would highly recommend you to my friends. You made the experience such a positive one. Your gentle and kind approach was so uplifting. You really made me feel great.

Who is feeling a little more confident about getting photos taken after seeing these brave women? Do you know a friend who could benefit from this post? I would love if you share and spread the word. If you want the opportunity to showcase your soul beauty I would love to hear from you, email!

  • Jean Dickinson - I have been admiring your work for a few years, since I dragged myself into the 21st century via computer!! You are truly a gifted, talented artist.
    I came across an old issue of VANITY FAIR, in a thrift shop, and there was a fabulous montage of photos taken by BRIGITTE LACOMBE of MERYL STREEP throughout that lovely woman’s career. Most were in black n white, some just with hints of colour, ALL so perfectly captured!
    In that same issue, January 2010, a spread by AL WERTHEIMER when he was hired to “shadow” ELVIS PRESLEY as the 21yr-old was just starting to take over the music world.
    Fascinating stories accompanied each presentation, enthralling behind-the-scenes details.ReplyCancel

“Wake-up, Kick Ass, Repeat”.

Reason #75 to get professional photographs taken of yourself:

With the right photographer this can be a powerful exercise in expanding confidence and connection. What other opportunity offers this shifting of perspective and opens your mind to a new way to view your body, mind and soul in a mere 60 – 90 minutes?

Take a look at this brave, funny, independent and sexy woman who has an eye for design and style. She totally gets design must shape, seduce and more importantly evoke an emotional response and its purpose is to make the ordinary extraordinary. So its no surprise she took the courageous step in booking a photographic session to mark and celebrate this time in her life.

I’m super excited to offer you the opportunity to face your fear head first! So often I hear people say “I’m not photogenic” that I decided to prove them all wrong! Nothing like a challenge to rev you up!

Whether you personally fear seeing your self in photos or know of someone who could benefit from standing in front of the camera, here is your chance to be truly seen! Don’t delay email to secure your spot for the 1 day only, 1 non-perishable food item for 1 click. Don’t forget to share with those scardey cats who are afraid their mug will break the lens too!


  • Lisa - great pics Shannon – you really captured her spark :)ReplyCancel

Photographers are like snowflakes; there are no two alike. We all have something that we’re really good at, posing, unique locations, stylizing, lighting, composition, technical, the list goes on.


For me its important to let your inside out, then the outside will shine naturally. I’m always looking for your best angle, ways to highlight your best assets and I believe in keeping people as Au natural as possible. I want you to love yourself just the way you are. No wacky over the top photoshop necessary to skew your perspective years down the road. I want you to see how brave, dynamic and strong you are for stepping out and being the best you can be, naked or dressed right now.

To kick start this amazing movement, women seeing who they are in the best light, I’ve created a fancy newsletter so I can stretch the boundaries of my studio and offer inspiration and wisdom to women everywhere. IF you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet I highly recommend you do!

FREE just for signing up for the newsletter you receive the first guide created to dispel those pesky gremlins in your head that say you can’t look that good.. Your not worthy, your to old, maybe in 10 lbs, I’m not photogenic, maybe when I’m more fit, happier.. and the list goes on…

Now your mission if you chose to accept is to first sign up! Second stand in front of the mirror and absorb every little morsel of your body. Yeah I can hear the guffaws from way over here. Bristling at the thought of standing naked staring at your body. When was the last time you loved what you saw? How old were you? Can you even remember?

Now let me guess you found all the niggling parts you don’t like right? You didn’t look and see the good stuff. Your super sexy legs or that your “girls” are freaking fabulous or your beautiful neck line, toned arms from your boot camp class or even be grateful for that poochie belly that supported and nurtured babies. I don’t know if there is another species on earth that’s as hard on themselves as women.

Here’s where I step in and stretch my super powers. It’s my mission to dispel these ugly thoughts in women’s heads. To offer them safety net, transform their focus and shift their attention to the positive. Showing them ways to see only their best features and look good naked too! Don’t believe me? You need to see the freaking awesome guide that was created with love just for you! Here is a sample and great reason why to sign up!


I also need to send out a big thank-you to the team behind the new guide, comprised of Jen the model, a 41 year old Mother and friend of mine. Technically she has no modeling experience other then working with me. She’s just an incredible woman who’s learned to accept her body as it is. Jen received a splash of sparkle by the talented studio stylist Heather. (Don’t forget to check out the video showcasing the transformation HERE!). As well as a special thanks to Rosalind’s a lingerie boutique downtown Cambridge. Their expert staff fitted and sourced out the fabulous outfits for Jen! They specialize in ensuring the perfect fit and amazing customer service. Lastly a shout out to Amy Roth from New Jersey! Yes long story short Amy and I are attending some online courses together and summer camp, it’s amazing the opportunities that open up when you put yourself out there. So I am grateful for my wheelhouse of amazing talent! Thank you to all involved without your support and love, this guide and new newsletter wouldn’t be possible!

Here’s Jen, sparkling!



As the first sunlight of the day descends upon her, she lies in that state between sleep and wakefulness for a little longer. The dream like state allows her a safe place to feel beautiful, positive, confident and loved.

Suddenly she’s jarred awake by the revolting alarm and instantly her thoughts turn to the day ahead. This conversation can certainly start off in the right direction but no doubt, guilt, shame, discontent, unworthiness will creep in there before she ’s even brushed her teeth. It may be regarding a presentation at work, or looking in the mirror that triggers this unsolicited response. Either way she’s created resistance that will take courage, willpower and stamina to overcome the rest of her day. Resistance is natural.. its like a gremlin that wants to hold you back from being that freaking incredible, beautiful, amazing woman you are.

You don’t have to live that way. Imagine being offered the power to transform? An opportunity that would inspire you to see yourself as the world sees you. A woman who’s freely giving of her love in relationships. Who rocks her job because confidence is oozing from within. Most importantly, the woman who accepts herself flaws and all.

Who cares if you are 10 lbs over weight or to short, ageing, shy, feel like your not good enough etc. Do you not think every woman out there has something she wishes was different about herself? Of freaking course! Look at Oprah.. its taken her almost 60 years to come to terms with who she is..

What are you waiting for? What is holding you back from harnessing the power to transform and see yourself in the best light?

Okay now some of you serious doubters whose minds are calling “bullshit” I’ve got something else up my sleeve. Yeah that’s right. I’m on to you. My mission is to tackle the mindset women around the world have that they aren’t good enough. Not worthy of awesome photos of themselves, aren’t great lovers, mothers, don’t deserve that promotion and any other racket that isn’t really true.

As you see the “BEFORE” and “AFTER photo. No fancy photoshop, just plain old make-up and some great light and fabulous posing and even you can look fantastic too!

Watch and learn ladies.. Here is a peek of the transformation process..


Big thanks to my team! Heather and Jen who made this Behind the Scenes possible. p.s. Jen is a friend, in her early 40’s and has no real modelling experience other then working with “moi”. Stay tuned for her blog post of the beautiful images captured.

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