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“Wake-up, Kick Ass, Repeat”.

Reason #75 to get professional photographs taken of yourself:

With the right photographer this can be a powerful exercise in expanding confidence and connection. What other opportunity offers this shifting of perspective and opens your mind to a new way to view your body, mind and soul in a mere 60 – 90 minutes?

Take a look at this brave, funny, independent and sexy woman who has an eye for design and style. She totally gets design must shape, seduce and more importantly evoke an emotional response and its purpose is to make the ordinary extraordinary. So its no surprise she took the courageous step in booking a photographic session to mark and celebrate this time in her life.

I’m super excited to offer you the opportunity to face your fear head first! So often I hear people say “I’m not photogenic” that I decided to prove them all wrong! Nothing like a challenge to rev you up!

Whether you personally fear seeing your self in photos or know of someone who could benefit from standing in front of the camera, here is your chance to be truly seen! Don’t delay email to secure your spot for the 1 day only, 1 non-perishable food item for 1 click. Don’t forget to share with those scardey cats who are afraid their mug will break the lens too!


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Photographers are like snowflakes; there are no two alike. We all have something that we’re really good at, posing, unique locations, stylizing, lighting, composition, technical, the list goes on.


For me its important to let your inside out, then the outside will shine naturally. I’m always looking for your best angle, ways to highlight your best assets and I believe in keeping people as Au natural as possible. I want you to love yourself just the way you are. No wacky over the top photoshop necessary to skew your perspective years down the road. I want you to see how brave, dynamic and strong you are for stepping out and being the best you can be, naked or dressed right now.

To kick start this amazing movement, women seeing who they are in the best light, I’ve created a fancy newsletter so I can stretch the boundaries of my studio and offer inspiration and wisdom to women everywhere. IF you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet I highly recommend you do!

FREE just for signing up for the newsletter you receive the first guide created to dispel those pesky gremlins in your head that say you can’t look that good.. Your not worthy, your to old, maybe in 10 lbs, I’m not photogenic, maybe when I’m more fit, happier.. and the list goes on…

Now your mission if you chose to accept is to first sign up! Second stand in front of the mirror and absorb every little morsel of your body. Yeah I can hear the guffaws from way over here. Bristling at the thought of standing naked staring at your body. When was the last time you loved what you saw? How old were you? Can you even remember?

Now let me guess you found all the niggling parts you don’t like right? You didn’t look and see the good stuff. Your super sexy legs or that your “girls” are freaking fabulous or your beautiful neck line, toned arms from your boot camp class or even be grateful for that poochie belly that supported and nurtured babies. I don’t know if there is another species on earth that’s as hard on themselves as women.

Here’s where I step in and stretch my super powers. It’s my mission to dispel these ugly thoughts in women’s heads. To offer them safety net, transform their focus and shift their attention to the positive. Showing them ways to see only their best features and look good naked too! Don’t believe me? You need to see the freaking awesome guide that was created with love just for you! Here is a sample and great reason why to sign up!


I also need to send out a big thank-you to the team behind the new guide, comprised of Jen the model, a 41 year old Mother and friend of mine. Technically she has no modeling experience other then working with me. She’s just an incredible woman who’s learned to accept her body as it is. Jen received a splash of sparkle by the talented studio stylist Heather. (Don’t forget to check out the video showcasing the transformation HERE!). As well as a special thanks to Rosalind’s a lingerie boutique downtown Cambridge. Their expert staff fitted and sourced out the fabulous outfits for Jen! They specialize in ensuring the perfect fit and amazing customer service. Lastly a shout out to Amy Roth from New Jersey! Yes long story short Amy and I are attending some online courses together and summer camp, it’s amazing the opportunities that open up when you put yourself out there. So I am grateful for my wheelhouse of amazing talent! Thank you to all involved without your support and love, this guide and new newsletter wouldn’t be possible!

Here’s Jen, sparkling!



As the first sunlight of the day descends upon her, she lies in that state between sleep and wakefulness for a little longer. The dream like state allows her a safe place to feel beautiful, positive, confident and loved.

Suddenly she’s jarred awake by the revolting alarm and instantly her thoughts turn to the day ahead. This conversation can certainly start off in the right direction but no doubt, guilt, shame, discontent, unworthiness will creep in there before she ’s even brushed her teeth. It may be regarding a presentation at work, or looking in the mirror that triggers this unsolicited response. Either way she’s created resistance that will take courage, willpower and stamina to overcome the rest of her day. Resistance is natural.. its like a gremlin that wants to hold you back from being that freaking incredible, beautiful, amazing woman you are.

You don’t have to live that way. Imagine being offered the power to transform? An opportunity that would inspire you to see yourself as the world sees you. A woman who’s freely giving of her love in relationships. Who rocks her job because confidence is oozing from within. Most importantly, the woman who accepts herself flaws and all.

Who cares if you are 10 lbs over weight or to short, ageing, shy, feel like your not good enough etc. Do you not think every woman out there has something she wishes was different about herself? Of freaking course! Look at Oprah.. its taken her almost 60 years to come to terms with who she is..

What are you waiting for? What is holding you back from harnessing the power to transform and see yourself in the best light?

Okay now some of you serious doubters whose minds are calling “bullshit” I’ve got something else up my sleeve. Yeah that’s right. I’m on to you. My mission is to tackle the mindset women around the world have that they aren’t good enough. Not worthy of awesome photos of themselves, aren’t great lovers, mothers, don’t deserve that promotion and any other racket that isn’t really true.

As you see the “BEFORE” and “AFTER photo. No fancy photoshop, just plain old make-up and some great light and fabulous posing and even you can look fantastic too!

Watch and learn ladies.. Here is a peek of the transformation process..


Big thanks to my team! Heather and Jen who made this Behind the Scenes possible. p.s. Jen is a friend, in her early 40′s and has no real modelling experience other then working with “moi”. Stay tuned for her blog post of the beautiful images captured.

Want to learn more on how to look good naked? Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to receive the guide coming out April 1st!

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Amazing how everyday routines are sometimes the sexiest..

Example. A man getting dressed.

Many moons ago a guy friend wanted to hit the strippers before heading to the bar for his birthday. (Just typing that sentence makes me feel old, ugh) My gift was driving him, so a bunch of us, male and female all piled into my vehicle and headed off to the “ballet” as some like to call it. Lucky for me and the other chicks (one being his girlfriend) we had the opportunity to sneak downstairs for the “male” revue. I’d never been to a strip club featuring men before. It was small, dark with a tiny little stage, a far cry from the massive light show and stage upstairs where the men deposited themselves for a beer.

We three ladies were the only ones for the first show.. I will save you from the review as it still makes me laugh to this day. But it was the second dancer who stepped on stage who had the best performance and well its was so good I’ve never forgotten. He came out “naked” or in the men’s world with his g-string on, as they are not allowed to be “naked” and started to dance and magically put his clothes on! It was a-ma-zing! Watching this guy move and dress in to a fine suit. Once everything was donned he continued to dance and boy did he move well.

I wouldn’t have believed getting dressed could have been the sexier show prior to actually seeing it with my own eyes. So I challenge you to watch your partner male or female, the next time they get ready.. You just never know what things it might stir up.

Looking for a unique way to capture your story? Whether you want to keep your clothes on or off is up to you.. We will find the best way to showcase your assets! Look forward to hearing from you at


“If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.” – Fred Devito

What are the first 3 words that come to mind when viewing these images?

Okay. So maybe we’re not on the same page yet..

What about;

Commitment. Dedication. Willpower.

To be the best you can be in life, body and soul requires a whole lot of work! Ugh. I know, that freaking 4 letter word.

It’s waking each morning with the steadfast belief that you’re going to accomplish amazing things today! Having an insatiable drive that propels you through the toughest challenges and eggs you on to reach higher. Willingness to only fuel your body with the best choices. Creating exercise routines for both mind and body so there prepared for all life’s adventures. Lastly sticking with it day after day after day.

This is what it takes to be the best you can be. Whether you are reaching for physical, emotional or mental goals it takes commitment, dedication and willpower to stay the course. To be the best YOU can be.

So be inspired by this fabulous physique and know that it hasn’t always come easy. Like anything in life the best things are always the things that you work for…


Stay tuned for the follow-up post!